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Personal Injury Law: Understanding Terminology

Personal Injury Law: Understanding Terminology


What is Personal Injury Law?

Personal Injury Law is the legal field in which the determination and establishment of personal injury claims are decided; although the notion of personal injury rarely stand on its own, supplemental legal classifications of personal injury claims will typically reside in Tort Law, Criminal Law, or Civil Law. The variance latent within the legal classification of Personal Injury Law results from the identification of the respective roles, behavior, and decorum undertaken by all involved parties:

Largely, personal injury sustained as a result of malicious intent or premeditation will reside within the jurisdiction of Criminal Law – while not as common, personal injury including malicious intent may require judicial review within Civil Law or Tort Law

Personal Injury Law, which is widely considered to be a subgenre of Tort Law, will typically involve the identification of the varying degree of culpability within events resulting in personal injury sustained by the party cited as the ‘victim’ not considered to be the result of malicious intent or premeditation to cause harm. Contact personal injury lawyers for legal advice and assistance.

Personal Injury Law Terminology

Within the field of Personal Injury Law, the following are amongst the most common terms implemented within its litigation, as well as the applicable judicial review and sentencing:


Within Personal Injury Law, negligence is defined as the degree of culpability and accountability with regard to an accident; typically, upon the mention of the classification ‘accident’ with regard to a personal injury claim, applicable judicial review will largely regard that incident to result from negligence in lieu of recklessness.


Within Personal Injury Law, personal injury resulting from a manner of action of behavior in which the purposeful desire to cause personal harm, injury, or damage is implicit within the actions of the offender – in contrast to a determination of negligence, the existence of intent and premeditation is a primary facet within the determination of intent.


Within Personal Injury Law, the determination of recklessness – in lieu of negligence – involves the degree of lawfulness latent within the respective operation or behavior within a specific circumstance or activity; typically, the determination will result from the undertaking of legal activity in an unlawful or delinquent manner.


Within Personal Injury Law, the determination of liability involves the investigation of the respective adherence to the tacit expectation of behavior, actions, or provisions latent within a situation, circumstance, or event – the party cited as the ‘liable party’ is identified as per the degree of the personal injury sustained in concert with their respective degree of responsibility

Personal Injury Law Assistance

In the event that you, a family member, or a loved one have sustained a personal injury, you are encouraged to contact legal counsel – in the form of a personal injury attorney or personal injury solicitor – for further assistance with regard to submitting a personal injury claim. 

Legal counsel, within the field of personal injury law can provide much needed assistance with regard to the imperative within the formulation of a legal and valid personal injury claim; this may include the compilation of an incident report, testimony, as well as the submission of a claim to the proper overseeing – or regulatory body. If you need legal advice and assistance, contact injury lawyers.