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Handling Personal Injury Cases From Natural Disasters

Handling Personal Injury Cases From Natural Disasters


A natural disaster is defined as an event in nature that significantly affects humans and the environment. These are events such as: floods, earthquakes, wildfire, avalanches, tornadoes, volcanoes, etc. Many times this type of disaster is referred to as an "act of God". Due to the intense nature of these occurrences, they will often cause severe damage to the landscape, structure, and humans. 

When a person has sustained injuries from a natural disaster, this person will generally be able to receive compensation under personal injury law regulations. There are certain attorneys that will specialize in a branch of personal injury law that will handle claims that result from natural disasters. It is beneficial for the injured parties to hire an attorney with this specialization, because many times, general practice attorneys will not handle this sort of claim. These personal injury attorneys may also handle claims of damage to a house or property. 

A personal injury attorney will also help injured clients file insurance claims for damages from natural disasters. Many times people will be able to ascertain from their homeowners’ policy whether or not their plan covers for natural disasters. Many times an insurance policy will be difficult to understand, which is why many people will consult the expertise of a personal injury or insurance attorney. Once the natural disaster occurs, whether the damage is done to the person or the property, the insurance company should be promptly notified.   

A personal injury attorney will examine the facts of a case to determine if a natural disaster can actually be attributed to the acts of a responsible person. For example, a wildfire may occur because a guilty part did not properly dispose of a cigarette or extinguish a bonfire. In this case, the plaintiff may be able to appoint a specific person to become the defendant in a natural disaster personal injury case. Contact a personal injury lawyer to consult your case.

Also, there may be a party responsible if there was not an appropriate warning sign. If there is toxic material, for example, this must be specified by a particular notice or visible sign that warns the public. If there was no appropriate notice, the plaintiff may have a personal injury negligence case against the defendant. 

Many times personal injury attorneys will handle natural disaster cases that are class action suits, meaning that there are a number of plaintiffs that were injured by a defendant or group of defendants. Class actions against mining companies are common law suit, because workers are subjected to dangerous conditions. In the event a natural disaster, such as a flash flood, these individuals are very likely to sustain injury. Attorneys handling these types of cases should be well versed in person injury law, tort law, insurance coverage, and natural disasters.